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Palazzo Adriano Mountains and Sosio Valley River Nature Reserve: THE OLD MEMORIES


· Meeting In Chiusa Scalafani at 8:30 in Piazza Santa Rosalia, and moving by car towards the nature reserve "Palazzo Adriano Mountains and the Sosio Valley".

· ValleVite is one of the most spectacular corners of the Sosio gorge: it embraces the territories of Palazzo Adriano and Chiusa Sclafani and represents the heart of the emerging natural park “Monti Sicani. Through country dirt roads and trails we will drive within a scenic landscape of considerable charm, characterized by rocky cliffs that give rise to real gorges, where traces of a once modest farm life is still visible in the open fields. Olive groves blend in harmony with dense oak forests associated with the strawberry tree and other species typical of the Mediterranean. On the sidelines of the valley flows one of the many tributaries of the "Sosio" that, among various small falls, slows its currents in the placid blue lakes, where you can relax and refresh yourself to pay off for the steep descent. The Flight of the Hawk and the Raven, will have as background the fantastic scenes of S. Adriano' forest.

· Within the complex of ancient olive trees you will observe the Olivo Sosio, which is one of the Monumental Trees mentioned in the book "Alex in Oakland - The Marvelous Land of Monumental Trees". It is a remarkable creature with a majestic trunk, which carries the signs of time, highlighted by several cavities, ribs and grooves. The primary branches lead a vigorous foliage showing an ellipsoidal shape. The main specimen morphological characteristics are:

_ Height (m): 4.50

_ Trunk circumference at 1.30 m above the ground (m): 3.10

_ Canopy width (m): 4.75 (N-S) 1.60 (E-O)

_ Canopy Listing (m): 1.90

_ Estimated Age (years): 500

· Stop for packed lunch at the picnic area of Valle Vite

· Final Souvenir photo and greetings.

Trip Data Valle Vite and old memories:

Distance: 10.2 km

Getting there: 5.1 km

Getting back: 5.1 km

Height min 470 m above sea level

Height max 780 m above sea level

Difficulty: medium-high. hiking trail not suitable for children.

guided excursion:

Dott. For. Mario Ferraro (tel. 320 0207416)

Dott. Agr. Nicola Pillitteri (tel. 3355909144)

Dott. For. Philip Gannuscio (tel 3899617480)

Tips: Bring appropriate clothing and hiking boots (hiking trail becomes heavy and annoying without correct shoes), Water bottle, hat, camera, sunglasses, insect repellent, suncream, swimsuit.

Participation fee: to be agreed with the guide.

How to join: By calling the following numbers: 3200207416 -. 3355909144

Notes: Trips are made exclusively with customer's own transport.

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